Movies & Mousse – Pop Culture Isn’t Exactly My Thing

I’ve never been the kind of girl who cares about keeping up with pop culture, but I have no logical explanation for it. I was raised by a mother who can quote most movies and gets genuinely emotionally attached to celebrities in Hollywood and a father who’s been musically obsessed his entire life and watches more TV than anyone I know (he’ll tell you that he doesn’t like reality TV, but ask him who the Kardashians are, and he can probably name every member of the family).

When I went to college, I became best friends with a girl who knows everything about everything when it comes to celebrities. Even the ones that she doesn’t care about or even like, she still knew exactly what was happening in their lives at all times. At first, my friendship annoyed her because I never knew who the actors/actresses were in movies that we would watch, and it takes a movie theater to keep me interested in a movie for a whole two and a half hours (otherwise, I’m the annoying friend who talks or sits on their phone the whole time). But after she got used to my friendship, she would watch movies with me and explain who each actor/actress was based on movies that she knew I’d already seen.

At home, I had a friend who knew every single song on the radio at any given time. It didn’t matter the genre or if the song had just been released that day, she new every word to every single song. I, on the other hand, haven’t listened to the radio for about three years. Don’t get me wrong – I love music just like any other normal human on the planet, but my college town didn’t have great radio stations, so I quit listening to it. When I went to college, I created a habit of finding my own music online, buying CDs, and becoming obsessed with individual artists. Because of that, I am no longer in touch with the radio world. If you turn on the radio around me, there’s a 95% chance that I will be listening to every song for the first time.

After moving in with my brother, who is just as movie crazed as our parents, I began to learn just how little I know about every movie ever created. I’ve even seen most of the popular ones (largely because he’s made me watch them over the last five months), but I hardly ever retain anything. My brother can watch a movie one time and remember 10 direct quotes (sometimes 10 full scenes) for the rest of his life. He literally speaks in movie quotes. I don’t think that a single day has gone by that I’ve lived in this house in which he’s not said a movie quote in a normal conversation. Every time he says a quote, he looks at me and patiently asks if I know what movie it’s from. Honestly, I think that I’ve gotten it right three times. (If you add up the days that I’ve lived here and subtract the days that he spent underwater, that’s 118 incorrect guesses by yours truly – I’m fairly certain he hates me, but that’s a topic for another day).

Maybe it’s my lack-of-touch with the pop culture world that has made me so skeptical when it comes to new fashion trends, but it takes me months to ever get used to a new trend or even try it out. I always spend the first few months complaining about the new trend and being annoyed by it, but eventually, I wind up in the exact same position as everyone else.

I think that I was a Junior in High School when skinny jeans started to get popular again, and I was adamant that I would never wear a pair of skinny jeans, ever. I thought that they were the most un-flattering, ridiculous things that I’d ever seen in my life. By the end of Junior Year, I had a pair but I told everyone that would listen that I had “only bought them to wear with boots.” A few months later, I wore them with Vans for the first time, and the rest is history. Today, I only wear skinny jeans (sure I have some flare jeans that I really like, but it’s definitely been over a year since I’ve put those on).

Around a year ago, girls all across the country started putting their hair up in half ponytails, and I complained to everyone about it. I couldn’t believe that college girls wanted to revert to the three year old look that we had all very much grown out of. I complained that girls looked stupid and that I would never do it. A few months later, I wore my hair like that to church. My sister called me out on it – which hurt, I’ll admit – but now, it’s certainly a style I fall back on when I need something new (or when my hair is greasy OK, you caught me).

But yesterday, I fell victim to another trend. Yesterday, I saw a picture of a boy with hair about the same length as mine, and I…thought he was attractive. I’ve never been a fan of the long hair look on men (sure, shaggy is fine, but not long). I stared at the picture on social media for a long time because I was having a full-blown internal conflict for a solid seven minutes. I was simultaneously thinking about how good looking this boy was while also comparing my hair to his. I wanted to date him, but I also wanted to ask him what kind of mousse he uses.

Today, I’m terrified to go outside because I might find another trend that I hate right now, but fall for tomorrow. Or maybe, I’ll see another boy with hair prettier than mine and be forced into a love filled with 4 pm naps and 7 am fights over the last bottle of mousse. Either way, today is an adventure, but I’m not entirely sure I’m ready.


4 thoughts on “Movies & Mousse – Pop Culture Isn’t Exactly My Thing

  1. This is my favorite one so far. Kaelly, you are incredible, and your blogs make me happy and give me hope to be as cool as you one day. 🙂

  2. Great job Kaelly! I really enjoy reading your writing! I can relate to the speaking in movie quotes. All the males in my household speak this way, and I, too, experience often the look of disappointment when I have no clue what movie the line came from!

    1. Thank you, Tara! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy reading my blog! Kirk actually scolded me tonight about yet another movie line, but unfortunately I’ll just never get it!

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