5 Reasons Your Siblings Are Your Best Friends

You know those days when you literally want to strangle your little sister because she stole your favorite sweater and somehow managed to spill spaghetti sauce down the entire front? OK, so maybe this hasn’t happened to you before or maybe my sister is just more clumsy than yours (seriously – spill stains every single time she eats), but honestly, growing up in a busy house sometimes seemed like more of a hassle than it was a blessing.

That is, until I grew up a bit and realized that my three siblings are the greatest gifts that I could’ve ever been given in life. Here are 5 reasons your siblings will always be your best friends:

  1. They will always be family, no matter how many times – or how aggressively – you yell at them. At one point, my older brother gave me a full-on, screaming, 10 minute lecture about why I shouldn’t play basketball with men’s basketballs. At the time, it was ridiculous, but now it’s just funny. If anyone else would’ve legitimately been that angry at me for using a men’s basketball just to shoot hoops, I probably would’ve freaked out and never spoken to them again. Luckily for us, we have a mediating mother who forced us to make-up. Guess what? Now he’s my best friend. (But he’s still pretty psycho about the men’s vs. women’s basketball thing).
  1. They get to have their #1 most embarrassing moments around you, and you get to remind them of the event years and years later. One of my favorite pastimes is to tell everyone I know about the time that my younger sister literally pooped on the sidewalk at a Disney World water park when she was 5. (She might drive 1800 miles just to punch me in the face for this), but it’s seriously my favorite story of our family. One of the greatest things about siblings is that they are forced to love you no matter how many times you bring up their most embarrassing moments.
  1. They will never judge you for eating too much when you’re out to eat. Once, my little brother and I made a special trip to our favorite buffet pizza place, just the two of us. The whole goal of the trip was to see if we could both eat 10 slices of pizza in one sitting. I might’ve come in second place that night, but we both did it. We both managed to eat 10 full slices of pizza. Sometimes I look back, and I’m thankful to have siblings who were crazy enough to go on stupid adventures with me, but sometimes I’m just thankful for siblings who eat as much as I do.
  1. They will be around when all of your friends are busy, or being mean, or MIA. Even though there were times when I had to drive my younger siblings around or babysit my younger siblings, or really doing anything with my younger siblings that made me an angst-y teenager, they really weren’t so bad. Sometimes, they actually saved me from going to baseball games alone or running to McDonalds at 2 am for Holdiay Pies alone. Sometimes younger siblings are a blessing in disguise that turn into your best friends later in life.
  1. They will always be there to laugh with you, joke with you, or cry with you (even when Mom has a mental breakdown at Christmas for the fourth year in a row). There are some friends who will be there during the really great moments of life, and there are some friends who will even be there during the really horrible moments of life, but there are few friends who will be there for every single bit of the crazy roller coaster ride. Those friends are called your siblings. Maybe you’ll notice it when all of you are adults, but you’re still trying to convince your mom to give you gifts from Santa. Or maybe you’ll notice it when you have to call your older brother for help with rent for the fifth month in a row. But someday, you’ll notice it, and you will be forever grateful for the incredible, lifelong, best friends that your parents blessed you with.

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Your Siblings Are Your Best Friends

  1. Of course, it helps that your siblings–like mine–are some of the coolest people on the face of the planet!

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