A Case of the Mondays

Naturally, I’m a fairly emotional person: little things make me upset and even smaller things make me angry. I’m that girl who can go from “Disney World Happy” to “I Actually Want to Kill You” in less than a second. I’m still that way – I always will be. I have a horrible temper and an annoyingly emotional heart. But after growing up a little, I taught myself to be in charge of my emotions instead of letting them control me.

You see, I’m of the thought that you feel exactly how you want to feel at all times. If you’re angry or sad about something for a long period, it’s because you’re allowing yourself to feel that way. Sure, you might be upset about a really bad breakup or a fight with a friend for a really, really long time – maybe even months. But that doesn’t mean that you should let yourself mope around everyday and act like there’s nothing you can do about it. There are ways to push things to the back of your mind and force yourself into happiness again. Don’t prevent yourself from feeling things, but don’t dwell on them either. Get angry, yell a lot, and get the hell over it.

Because of this, I’m a pretty happy person. I choose to be happy, and I force myself into happiness even when I have something that I could be angry/sad about. I don’t let myself think about situations for too long, I don’t let myself complain for too long, and I don’t allow myself to use overgeneralizations.

(Side story: in college, I always got slammed on research papers for saying things like “all people,” “everyone,” “the whole world,” “every student,” etc. Even if I was writing a research paper that showed that the majority of people felt a certain way towards a certain subject, I still always wrote too colloquially for my professors. Before then, I’d never noticed how often we, as Americans, overgeneralize in our everyday life, but now I can’t stop seeing it.)

When a girl gets her heart broken, she immediately thinks that every man in the world is a horrible human being.

When one girl says something mean about another girl, all girls in the world automatically become b*tches without exception.

When a student gets treated like crap by a professor, he decides that he hates every professor to ever walk the earth.

No. Stop. Stop saying that stuff and stop acting like that. Just because one person in the world is shitty doesn’t mean that everyone in the world is shitty. How could you ever expect to be happy if you blamed the entire world on your problems?

Because I try my best not to overgeneralize about anything, I don’t hate Mondays (seriously people, there is no way that every single Monday is the worst day of your life – it’s impossible). Monday’s can be so great. Monday means you get another week to make your life awesome, Monday means you have another whole week to get your to-do list done, Monday means you get to drink an extra cup of coffee because the weekend was especially tiring. Mondays bring blessings, and I don’t want to be the kind of girl who blames Monday for the issues that could just as easily present themselves on Tuesday or Wednesday.

But you know what? Yesterday sucked. Yesterday was Monday, and it was horrible. Everything went wrong, and the whole day made me feel like my whole life was falling apart. Yesterday sucked so much that I ended the day by watching Harry Potter and considering joining the Navy while my brother slept on the opposite couch.

Yesterday was a train wreck of terrible events, and it took me 14 hours to force myself from “Everything Sucks and Everything is Horrible” to “I’m Going to Be Happy Because I Deserve to be Happy.” Yesterday was the kind of day that could convince me that every Monday is going to be just as crappy. But here’s the deal: I get to make that decision. I get to decide if I want to be angry at every single Monday for the rest of my life just because yesterday was a bad day. I get to decide what to blame, and I’m not going to blame Monday.

Yesterday was just another less-than-perfect day, but they won’t all be like that. Next Monday will bring a giant cup of coffee, a painfully long to-do list, and a bright and shiny morning. Next Monday will be great despite this one’s horrors, just wait and see.


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