10 Reasons I Can’t Wait to be Back in the Hawkeye State

On Friday, I get to fly back to the 712 for 11 whole days, and I couldn’t be more excited!!! I love home more than anything in the world for a lot of reasons, but I also left for a reason. When I was home a month ago for just a couple days, it made me want to move back to Shelby County and live there forever. I felt that way a lot in college when I would come home for a weekend. But most of the time, when I stay for longer than 3 days, I remember why I left. I’m always happy to have such a wonderful place to visit, but I always realize that it’s not the place for me long-term.

Still, it’ll always be my favorite place in the whole world, and the next four days could not pass soon enough. So here are the top 10 reasons I can’t wait to fly back to the Hawkeye State on Friday:

  1. My parents will do my most favorite thing ever and say things like, “Here, we haven’t seen you in a long time – let us pay for lunch.” UHHHH OK. Let me tell you, I’m going to rack up as many lunch dates in 11 days as possible. Get ready, Ma and Pa.
  1. Currently, I do all of Kirk and I’s laundry (which I should actually probably be doing right now). Mostly, I do it because I don’t pay very much in rent, but I also do it because it’s one of the few things in life that he’s really, really bad at. (Like, he’s actually a very horrible laundry-doer.) But when I go home, my mom will morph into “Kaelly’s-Life-Is-So-Hard” Mom and do all of my laundry. (That’s my most favorite mom she morphs into.)
  1. There will probably be some yummy treat waiting for me when I arrive in Shelby really late Friday night. (AHEM, and if you weren’t already planning to make a yummy treat, this is me requesting one, Mother.)
  1. Speaking of treats, the #1 Best Fried Pickles In The Whole Wide World are made in Avoca, Iowa. (I have the authority to write about this because I pretty much order fried pickles everywhere.) I don’t know what Old Main Street Grille does to those pickles, but they are freakin’ fantastic. (One time, my friend even gave me the recipe to make them at home. I tried it, and they were horrible. In fact, I almost burnt down a whole kitchen because of that recipe.)
  1. I get to go to church with my family and (hopefully) meet our Pastors’ 8-month-old baby. (I don’t know if you read this or not, Pastor Rebecca, but I’m practically flying home with the sole purpose of meeting Baby Isaac. I mean, you probably know since I’ve “liked” literally every single picture you’ve ever posted of him, but I thought I should say it out loud anyway.) (He’s perfect.)
  1. I’m excited to see Rhett because he’s probably becoming one of my closest friends in the world (but mostly I’m just excited because I know he probably has snacks in his room that I intend to “borrow”).
  1. I’m excited to see Reilly because she’s probably becoming one of my closest friends in the world (but mostly I’m just excited because 9 times out of 10 I can make her do things for me solely by annoying her).
  1. Omaha is one of my favorite cities, and I get to spend all day on Monday in Omaha going to doctor’s appointments because I haven’t been home in a while. To some, this wouldn’t sound very fun, but it’ll probably also consist of shopping and a lunch date (any takers?). Also, last week my mom morphed into previously stated “Kaelly’s-Life-Is-So-Hard” Mom and made the appointments for me even though I’m a grown 21-year-old woman with a degree and the knowledge and ability to make a phone call.
  1. I’m also genuinely really, really excited to get to spend over a week with my friends and family and my friends’ families. They’re all the greatest people I know, and next week is going to make me a really happy person because I get to be around them constantly.

I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m a really lucky gal to have so many wonderful things to come home to (even if my parents will role their eyes through half of this) (but I bet they still buy me lunch).


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