They Said I Do

I’m really bad at emotions – all of them. I’m bad at feeling them, dealing with them, and showing them. (But you probably already know that because I write about it a lot – like a lot a lot.)

Most people who don’t really know me just think that I don’t have any emotions at all since I mask them with sarcasm and really bad jokes. But people who know me really, really well know that I’m extremely emotional. I probably have more emotions than all of my friends combined. It’s horrible (and annoying and exhausting), and most of the time, I hate having lots of emotions. (It’s super fun being the girl who has a million emotions, but also feels the constant need to pretend like she’s never felt anything before ever.)

I cry at things just like every other girl: TV shows, movies, and books all really get to me. But I don’t cry a whole lot in real life. I don’t know why, but bad things happen, and I just don’t cry a lot. (I mean, yeah, sometimes, but not really.)

But let me tell you about WEDDINGS. Wow, I am obsessed with weddings, and I have been since I was really little. I think that I’ve cried at every wedding that I’ve ever been to (even if they were really long, and really boring, and the couple didn’t like each other that much). I’m just a tad in love with love, so weddings make me real frickin’ emotional.

I spent this last weekend in Iowa because I was in my best friend’s wedding, and boy-oh-boy do I love her and her husband. Let me tell you, I love them so much. (It’s okay, they already know that I’m super weird and were probably expecting this blog.) Before the wedding, I knew that I was going to cry. It was my first time being a bridesmaid, so I was a little terrified that I would ruin the whole thing, so I made sure to buy special waterproof mascara just in case.

When she walked down the aisle, he cried A LOT. (I only mention the “A LOT” part because it was the stinkin’ sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life. Remember when I said that I’d never get a boy to eat cheese pizza for me? Yeah, well, this is also on the list of “things that will never happen to Kaelly Welsh.” I’m sure my future husband will just crack a joke while I walk down the aisle because hair is in my face or something.)

Anyway, like I said, he cried A LOT. So my tears just started flowing, and they didn’t really stop. In fact, they did the normal vows, but then they also wrote their own private vows in which only the bridal party got to listen. (Their vows were like if the Bible and Nicholas Sparks had a baby – they were incredible.) So I cried more. Like a lot more. I cried so much during their vows that she (THE BRIDE) actually turned around and told me how much she loved me (INSTEAD OF HER HUSBAND).

I hate me.

So then the ceremony ended. There were tears, there were laughs, but there was no more makeup. I was safe. They were husband and wife, and that’s when the party started. The reception is always my strong suit; I’m really good at having fun (and being crazy and obnoxious, etc), plus I’ve never cried at a reception before.

In case you’ve forgotten – there’s a first time for everything, people. First, I cried during their first dance, then I cried during the father-daughter dance, and by the mother-son dance, there was really no consoling me. Here I was, at the head table, hysterically bawling (as if I’m giving my own daughter away).

My father was visibly laughing at me from the very back corner table (I can already tell how our father-daughter dance is going to go), and there was an entire table of people laughing at me right next to the head table. It was awesome. But luckily, it was the last emotional thing that happened all night, so when my tears ended (half an hour later), they were finally done for good.

I was in my first wedding, and I cried a lot: during the ceremony, during the reception, basically the whole day. (This is my warning for anyone considering asking me to be a bridesmaid in their wedding.) Normally, I would feel bad about this (because their pictures from the ceremony will probably suffer due to the hysterical bridesmaid), but in this case, I don’t.

Yeah, I cried because I love weddings and because I love love. But I also cried because they’re perfect for each other, and I honestly could not be happier for any two people. I don’t think anyone in their lives has ever questioned their love for each other or their future success. They’re married (finally), and they are off living an amazing life together, and I cannot wait to watch it unfold (and pretend that it’s my life).

Last weekend was filled with lots of tears, but I’m so, so glad they were used on my favorite people. It might’ve been their Big Day, but I’m sure that I’ll cry plenty of times even after the wedding (like during my first day as live-in nanny), and I can’t wait. ❤

(P.S. This is official documentation that you said I could third-wheel the next time y’all go to Nashville – when it’s not your honeymoon.)


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